Price and Ordering Information

Update June 28, 2012: No longer a business
As of 6/28/2012, Genplot and RUMP are no longer sold to eliminate conflict of interest issues with Cornell University. However, I retain the copyright for now. You may download and use this software at no cost. If you need a formal license for internal purposes, please continue to contact Olgar Thompson for "official" paperwork. 
News Flash: Under new management
As of 3/1/02, Genplot and RUMP sales will be handled through a new office.  Pat Ober, who has handled orders for many years, has decided to retire.  I thank her for hjer many years of service.  Sales will now by handled by Mr. Olgar Thompson in Youngstown, OH.  Those of you familiar with the author will immediately recognize the inherent nepostism (my father).  But realize that he will command unusual influence over the author to get answers to questions :-). 

Information below is roughly correct. However, management makes sure that I have as little to do with the day to day sales as possible. For official information, contact Olgar Thompson at the address shown.

Mr. Olgar Thompson
3341 YO-Kingsville Road 
Cortland, OH  44410   USA 

Phone: +1 (330) 638-1087 

OS/Product Version Type of License Price (USD) Notes
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (1) 
     Genplot  2.02  new license (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $175.00 
     Genplot  2.02  upgrade from DOS (html manual only)  $75.00 
     Genplot  2.02  upgrade from DOS (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $100.00 
     RUMP  2.02  new license (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $275.00  (2) 
     RUMP  2.02  upgrade from DOS (html manual only)  $100.00 
upgrade from DOS (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $125.00 
UNIX (Linux, AIX, etc. - requires some user experience to compile and install)  (4) 
     Genplot  2.02  new license (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $250
     RUMP  2.02  new license (includes 2nd ed manual when ready)  $350 
OS/2 - If IBM will create another version, I'd be happy to update, but suspect this is dead :-( (3) 
     Genplot  2.02b  new license (2nd ed NT manual when ready)  $175.00 
     RUMP  2.02b  new license (2nd ed NT manual when ready)  $275.00 
DOS - Only if you REALLY-REALLY need to use it.  Might be able to dig up a copy. (5) 
     Genplot  1.03  new license (includes Windows manual - some use)  $160 
     RUMP  1.03  new license (includes Windows manual - minimal use)  $250 
  1. The version is now developed and primarily tested under XP.  2000 is nearly the equal of XP.  NT, ME and 98 are actively being used and no significant problems have been reported.  Win 95 works as far as it is still being actively used.  Officially however, there is no support for Windows 95.  I will make a best effort attempt to provide work-arounds to incompatibilities, but I do not have any machine running Windows 95 with development packages for debugging major problems.
  2. Source code is no longer supplied for RUMP.  However, it is available from CGS if you have need.  While nominally copyrighted, it is readily availalble to anyone who wants to fix/enhance the capabilities (or check the validity).
  3. The OS/2 license is really an NT license with distribution of an OS/2 executable in addition to the Windows disks.   OS/2 versions are no longer built - the last was in 1997.  This is unfortunate, but was inevitable given IBM's decision to shoot themselves in the head instead of just the foot after the WARP 4.0 release. I suspect nearly all OS/2 users have moved to NT by now..
  4. UNIX licenses include the entire source code tree and the package must be built on the target system.  The user, or the system administrator, must have adequate UNIX experience to edit and make minor revisions to the makefiles.  Makefiles are tested on specific Linux and AIX systems, but individual site differences may require revisions to even these makefiles.  The responsibility for understanding and implementing compiler and system specific commands lie with the end user (ie. commands such as cc, install, ar or ranlib).
  5. The DOS version is the old FORTRAN based code limited by the 640 kB real mode operation.  This is not recommended  unless you have specific requirements for the old version.